This year

There have been some low moments but I have to say this is the one year that has taught me so much about myself. I remember this time last year (2015) so so clearly. I was sad, hopeless and very lost. I was going through a lot of big changes in my life and I didn’t know how to handle any of them. Slowly as the months went by I discovered this and that which amounted to all that I know now.

There are certain things that I would never trade for the world.

My religion being the first of them. I thank god for this blessing, ‘to him we belong and to him we’ll return’. The next thing has to be my family although I need to work on putting them before all other affairs. I don’t live too close to my mother anymore but I’ve honestly realised how irreplaceable she is, my father and siblings too.

I also promise to never lose hope in myself and my goals. Theres nothing stopping me, I have all the resources to be great in whatever I want to be so I hope to strengthen my faith in god and truly believe the sky is my only limit.

Also to never degrade myself and lose my dignity in a desperate attempt of ‘acceptance’. If someone doesn’t like you, keep it moving. You weren’t put in this world to place limits on yourself or to keep looking over the fence at your neighbours garden.

To do any of these things I’ve just mentioned I need to be content. I need to believe that my life is in gods hands. As it goes I have all the basic necessities and more. I have my health, sanity, youth, freedom, time and I’m only responsible for myself. So I need to make the most of these things before one of them disappears e.g. my youth (inevitable) or my health (god forbid).

Don’t make extreme rash decisions. Be open to new ideas and experiences. Creating a box and pretending you’ve somehow discovered the essence of life is so wrong. Always be open to things that will enhance your outlook towards existence. Limiting yourself from all the great things out there makes you depressed and sad, so why do this? Your still learning things about yourself and you always will be hopefully.

Basically judgement is something you weren’t created to do, EVER!

Never hate anyone even if they’ve got on your last nerve. Don’t make categories and sub-categories in your brain based on people and the way they treat you or the way you perceive them. Obviously create healthy boundaries and don’t let people just trample all over you. Hating someone however  or ‘cutting’ them off is almost never the right option. Hate and love are too very extreme emotions, ones that should be used with the utmost caution.

Solitude is a great thing. It allows you to think things over. It just so happens your an introvert so you prefer this anyway but once again shutting yourself off because you think you know everything  is fatal, avoid this. Spend time with loved ones. Be kind to others without expecting anything in return. Do this more because you’ve been majorly lacking in this area, this past year.

There are of course some less abstract things that I hope to achieve this year (god willing):

  1. Start or fully learn how to drive.
  2. Look after my health and get fit (gym maybe?)
  3. Create good habits to make life easier (meal prep? get organised?)
  4. Seek knowledge.
  5. Learn arabic (big one I know)
  6. Speak to mum more often
  7. Be more creative (blog more?)

Discipline is what will make any of these things possible. Practise this strongly.

So there you have it. This year has been quite the ride. Am excited to see what next year brings and lastly I thank god for allowing me to see another year, I really do hope to make the most of it.



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