The desire to move forward no matter what crap you’re going through.

It takes getting out your own head to change your mindset. Sometimes isolating yourself and thinking there aren’t any answers left is the biggest catalyst to self destruction . You think you have it all sorted so you shut yourself off and believe the path you’ve chosen is right. Its not, trust me.

You’ll keep going and going until the pot boils over and your whole house burns down. You’re too far gone and feel like a way out no longer exists. For me it gets to a point where I no longer feel emotion. Its just very demoralising. Life becomes a useless routine. You have lost the will to live.

You live a never ending chore just like those people. Lifeless eyes that depict a lonesome wolf trying to stay afloat a drowned ship.

How can I close my eyes when the film has just begun? Will you give up and settle just like that?

Hope is something only you can keep alive and look after, Its important. You have to dream and believe you can achievimages-1e anything no matter how many times it gets hard and you get knocked down.

Giving up is simply not an option.

Whoever you are and whatever your going through just be content. Look around and realise what you have, even those really obvious things. Be grateful.

May god keep our faith in him and ourselves strong.



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