I understand

There is no greater feeling than having someone who understands and maybe thats what real friendship is. Sharing your experience with someone whether it be the happiest or most traumatic moments of your life. Being 100% real without holding back. No fear of judgement because that option simply doesn’t exist.

Its honestly so hard to have a genuine 2 sided conversation nowadays. You either always hold something back or you just get bored.

So being able to share your ideas, fears, goals, worries, embarrassment and then balance it all out with laughter is just so refreshing. Its simply invigorating having someone you can share your turbulent journey of growth with. It feels like speaking to a therapist where you definitely know whatever you disclose will never escape and you will come out the other side feeling so much better. The most bewildering part of it all has to be the indisputable comfort you feel just by being your truest self.

Never compromise yourself for anyone. Your thoughts are special, so is your vision. Only give your time to people who will respect that, people who will respect and listen to all of you.

I feel like having that person who does understands is an additional blessing in your life. I’m honestly so grateful for this however its important to realise you have to be your own best friend before anyone else. Always be secure in yourself. Consolidate a concrete foundation of self-sufficiency. If you rely completely on yourself, you’ll always pick yourself back up when you stumble.

People can disappoint, no matter how perfect they seem. Don’t ever expect them to give you everything. It doesn’t matter if this may be your spouse, parents, good friend etc. Don’t shy away from being alone, befriend the voices in your head, understand them and then keep them in check. Learn to be your own hero so you can appreciate the support and companionship others have to offer.

So in summary, always love and appreciate yourself because only then can you fully allow others into your perplexing story. Definitely remember to appreciate these ‘understanding’ people as well. They’re rare and certainly don’t come around too often.

Be wary of the energy you give out and accept. This is what ultimately dictates a lot of your life, if not all of it.



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